Look through the eyes of a little child. With a naked heart, be here. Approach life without any belief or assumption, without needing to get it, without being somebody, not holding on to anything, not wanting or trying. Let it all go. Profoundly relax, let yourself fall deeper than all the problems and issues and needs you think you have. Be at rest.
Find this peace, that has so absolutely nothing to do with your personal identity, nothing to do with your crazy mind, nothing to do with the appearance of this body.
Whatever you experience - feelings flowing through the body, thinking blowing through the mind - you just keep dropping, dropping, dropping, just free fall into space…

This is the only space, from which you can be in your body. This is the only space, from which you can be with anything. From here you can be with the sun shining on your body, not just feel its warmth, but know the sun within your own cells. From here you can be with an apple you bite in, not just taste it, but intimately be nourished by eating it. From here you can be with a sensation in your body, not just notice it, but dissolving into it. From here you can be in a movement, not just perform it, but merging with moving. From here you can be with a touch, not just give or receive it, but becoming as one with the person you're in touch with.

Long before you ever had a body, you were this space. This space is where your body came from. Drop right through your body, and you end up in the source this body came from. Then you intrinsically sense, you physically realize what you really are. Then the body isn't a restriction to consciousness, but a sphere for it to shine through, an ever growing opportunity for it to find form.

One can work a lot on the body, but if you're coming from your mind in that, you'll absorb information, but not the nectar tingling in your cells. There'll be physical motion, but not the juicy enjoyment of it, not the fulfilling goodness and nourishment in it.

Beneath all tissue of your body, there is a happy, senseless smile. It will smile to you, when you are smiling to it. When you are being what you really are, your body just thrives in the love it really is. Come from an innocent heart, from clean awareness, and you meet the truth in the body, just as in everything that is.