This book is for you, if you would like to dive into awakening …

the Living Yes Body ~~~ roundly soundly being here ~~~ clean pure bodyness ~~~ The Real Physical ~~~ Organismic Intelligence ~~~ physically perceiving the pulse of reality ~~~ bodying around ~~~ tender baby body ~~~ Physication (physical intuition) ~~~ Bodylization (bodily realization) ~~~ grounded presence of ease ~~~ existential reshaping of tissue ~~~ the stream-of-life-body ~~~ undoing our cultural bodily ignorance~~~ general softness body ~~~ dropping in between one’s form ~~~ light converting into flesh ~~~ godding through matter ~~~ the Earthing ~~~ transforming the Material World into a Waterial Melt ~~~ how to give birth to the inner earth ~~~ a blessing body giving body blessings ~~~ cycling one’s body ~~~ transmuting substance ~~~ total transparency physicalized ~~~ The Buddha Body.

Here a film with quotes from the first chapter of the book:

Being in the Body

Metaphysics of the Physical
A Journey of Somatic Revelation

Part I: What Body Is
           Essence of the Physical

A -- Origins: The nature of the body

The One Wave
Embodying Living Flow
The Serpent Flux
The Primordial Physical
The Earthing
Organic Beingness
The Crucifixion of the Body
The Body healing by the Body
Outer Physical - Inner Physical

B -- Destiny: The transformation of the body

Really Being Here
The Existence-transforming Body
Embodiment of Everything
Everyday Transmutation: Metamorphosis as a habit
The Evolutionary Frontier
The first body-affirming culture ever

Part II: When Body Plays
            Expressions of the Physical

Stillness in Motion: Non-doing in the Body
That precious gift in your care
How body techniques limit the body to what they focus on
The essence of body and movement work
A hand that touches your true nature
Enjoying bodying around
Basic principles of an innovative approach

Since time immemorial, the Serpent is the symbol of healing and medicine. The archetype of the Sacred Serpent can be found amongst indigenous peoples of all continents. The Serpent expresses the primordial spiral motion inherent in all forms in nature. This motion is like an own intelligence, an inner knowledge of nature, from which the organic world arouse and rises over and over again. We encounter it in all the physical structures of existence – in the DNA, in microbiological processes, in the cerebral convolutions, in the fluid circuits, the peristalsis, the growing of plants, the underwater world, the currents of the sea, in the galaxies and cosmic nebulae – they all spread in spirals, curls, swirls, currents and circles. This was symbolized as a Serpent and understood as something sacred, as a healing force. The original forms of medicine worked with this Serpent Power.

Meeting the Sacred Serpent means to return to the Primordial - to the cradle of humanness, to the beginnings of the earth, to the origin of matter itself.