Flux of Life

Workshop Series

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Water of Life

It isnŽt since long that weŽre moving on earth. Before, we spent aeons in water. This may seem long ago to you, but your body still knows it very well. About 70% of the body is liquids and most physiological processes take place fluidly. The primordial movement patterns of life in water are still in us and can be re-awakened.
In this course we want to explore and experience the fluidity of our body. WeŽll dive deep into our body and sense the ongoing streaming. From there weŽll softly and smoothly go into movement. Ripple like little creeks, gush like wild waterfalls. Turn into algae, gliding through water as sea creatures, letting the waves of the sea pour through every cave in our body.

Fluid movement lets us be at ease in our body.
It makes us smooth and supple. We feel tingly and alive.

A body in flow with the stream of life.

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Pulse of Life

All life pulsates.
In each of our cells the movement of unfolding and folding in, opening and closing exists. One finds it in all life forms, in differing dimensions, shapes and tempi. In this course we want to witness and feel the everpresent pulse:

- In our body: in the breath, blood flow, heartbeat, cerebrospinal fluid
- In the relation body to space: finding into our center and reaching out,
  giving weight into gravity and raise from it,
  making us small/narrow and big/space taking
- With others: coming together and moving apart, being on your own and sharing
- In sensory perception: cold and hot, soft and hard, tight and relaxed,
  in action and still
- In movement: you got the beat baby…

The dialectics of all things is manifest within the body. To experience that is the subject of this workshop.

Let the pulse of life flow through you.

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Wave of Life

All processes of nature occur in cycles, which shape the organic movement of the wave. The wave binds rising and falling, becoming and passing away into a continuous integral whole. If we try to hold the wave, we split ourselves off. Our separation from life is a breaking in the wave. This perpetual effort and tension leads to chronic rigidity in the body, the sick standard of the modern adult person. In the increasing squaring and denaturing of the world it is being cemented.

Finding back into the wave heals us.

We will discover the wide variety of wave motions in the body and indulge in them. At the end we celebrate the One Wave Ritual: Carried by rythmic trancelike rising music, we leave our body in total surrender to the wave of life, and let it dance through us, until the whole body itself turns into one freely undulating wild wave.

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Ocean of Life

Deep at the bottom of its being, the body remembers its source, the flesh knows the spirit, the sea resides within the drop.
Endless forms emerge, live and change in the Great Ocean of existence - all of them are part of us, and we can find them as a dimension in our physical body. In the midst of the appearent limitation of our form we are free-floating in the infinite ocean. The life that flows through my body is the same that flows through all life. All of the physical is one.

To be aware of that, we will dive into deep sea, and go on a research with some innovative breath-, energy-, motility- and meditation-games.

Let's entrust ourselves to life, following the deep longing of our body-I to give itself away, dissolve and blossom into the Oceanic Oneness Body.

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Matrix of Life

I am the Serpent Flux
Spiraling up and down
Always bringing to life
New ways of balance and flow

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