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in a beating heart       
in a streaming breath 
in the power of your muscles 
in a rhythmic pulse       
in a rolling tear
deep in your eyes
in a juicy flow
in the flooding blood
in an upright stand
in your feet down in the earth
in the warmth of your hands
in the dancing cells



in your sensitivity
in your excitement
in your softness
in your pain
in your impulse
in your tension
in your letting through
in your anxiety
in your illness
in your aliveness
in your vulnerability
in your presence


I  offer

you  to share


in closeness
in contact
in space
in going through
in holding
in learning
in silence
in feeling you
in bonding
in respect
in honesty
in wonder



You are welcome just as you presently are.
No matter what you’re going through,
what problems you bring or how you're feeling.

It is all welcome here.

An invitation to be at peace.

To find home in your body.

You are allowed to be.

Just as you are right now.

From this

Inner Space

Healing happens.

My work offers a broad range of possibilities:

Inner Journeys, Process oriented Therapy,
Massage and Deep Tissue Bodywork,
Healing Touch, Energy Awakening,
Personalized Exercises, Intuitive Movement,
Fluid Body Regeneration, Pulsating,
Breath Awareness, Sounding and Voice,
Healing Postures, Dance Improvisation,
Sensing, Tuning In,

The course of each session depends on
what you come with, on your needs,
on the messages of your body and
on the alchemy of our coming together.

Time frame is up to 2 hours.
I work with children, adolescents and adults alike.
For in-person sessions prices vary, depending where in the world I am.
Also open to consider your financial situation. Please ask.

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Online Session:

Spirito-Somatic Process Work

Come with any issue or symptom,
physical or emotional.

we enter the Conscious Field
feel into what you need
move into what is best for you right now
and allow the Mandala of your healing to unfold.

I will be gently guiding you through your process.

Time frame of 90 minutes is open.

Price : 80 $ / 80 €

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