Our bodies came into form in Water, floating in the womb of our mother.

Bringing your body back into this, as it is being held and carried in fluid environment, directly opens a deep sense of origin.

It provides a visceral experience of our first presence in human form.

As your body is being moved in water, you are out of gravity, free floating in space. In fact, you enter a different physical dimension. It allows your body a range and freedom it cannot ever reach on land. It provides an uninhibited, fluid 3-dimensionality of movement. The element itself brings a gentle, smooth and supple quality into your joints, muscles, fascia and tissues. You spiral and pulsate in Oceanic Motion.

The experiences people have in my approach of Aquatic Bodywork include relief of tension, back pain, joint issues (especially knees and hips), nervous system imbalances and other symptoms. One always comes out with a feeling of profound physical wellbeing and sense of re-connectedness. Deep emotional healings take place in a remarkably natural and undramatic way. Some undergo an Inner Rebirth.

Have a look into a WaterFlux Session:

underwater / with music:

with explanations:


You will learn how to give a basic Aquatic Bodywork session (techniques from Janzu/Watsu/Aguahara). Special emphasis is on Water Dancing ways, playful exploration and sensitively discovering the limitlessness of the body moving in water.

On land, you will learn how to give a bodywork session based on the fluid system in the body
(techniques from Trager Approach, Craniosacral, Body-Mind Centering).

The Golden key to share this work is you relaxing in BEING. We will go on a profound journey of meeting the Waters within our body, through movement, meditation, somatic investigation, energy work and integration circles.


In this immersion we'll dive into the Essence of Water. Just as the sun, the moon and the stars reflect in the Water, the Codes of our Origin are able to be reflected in our Inner Waters. Main part of the course we will be IN WATER, exploring our body immersing and moving in its original element. We discover how the waves and streams and spirals - of the water outside and inside our body -
enable our spirit to move into form.

Water flows downwards, bringing it into earth.

We become, as spiritual beings, embodied here.

The path of the waters is an initiation into this mystery.