Each workshop can be booked as Introductory Evening, 1-Day-workshop or Weekend-workshop.
The Flux of Life – Series can be held as five 1-day-workshops, two weekends or one 5-day-workshop

I also offer classes in Yoga, breath work, and for back pain relief.

being in the body

being in the body
A space for you to be with your body
its rhythms and ways
dropping inside of your physical presence
allowing it to just be
and to express itself

Descending into the depth of the body-
its flesh and bones, its blood and senses,
all the way down into the never ending dance of our cells

Exploring the multiple dimensions of movement possibilities,
physical sensations, perceptions and expressions
Playing around with the body in all those endless ways
beyond the functionality in which we normally use it

Traveling through the spaces and qualities of the physical-
momentum, gravity, atmosphere, limitation, felt chemistry,
objects, other bodies, sounds, the earth, the sky…
Finding what is without your body, within your body

Opening up to the Knowing of the body, that isn´t mindful,
but direct, instinctive, organic, present, connected and warm

The teaching is mostly spontaneous, follows the flow and responds to the moment.
It includes quiet awareness, subtle and soft moving,
freeflowing expression, inner listening,
guided journeys through the body, sounding and breathing,
exercising and stretching, healing touch and massage,
creative movement and dance improvisation

Rather than about learning something, it is giving space to the
body and its energy, letting that be the teacher and determine the flow

The Elements of Nature

The Elements of Nature

In nature, there are infinite possibilities and inspirations to experience and move the body and express its impulses. We open up our senses for the colours and forms, sounds and scents around, breathe and feel and listen to them and immerse ourselves in it. We awaken the cellular memory of our physicality before we acquired human form. The substance of the physical universe is identical with the one of our body. We are of earth, water, fire, air and ether. We'll experience the qualities of the elements in us through movements, inner journeys, dance and meditation. Also we'll find time to simply be with nature - watching the flames, listen to the water, letting the winds blow through us, feeling the presence of a tree….knowing our deep, cellular connectedness with all of life.

Embodying India

Embodying India

In this group we will connect with the spirit of India through our own bodies. The smoothness and flow of Indian music and mantras guides us into the awareness and movement qualities imbedded in it. We will not be doing the established movement forms of India(like yoga, mudras, bharat natyam etc), but approach them, as well as some typical Indian gestures, intuitively. All of this forms come from a certain manner, from a particular energy stream. We will improvisationally move into the underlying kinetic patterning and connect with the mood they represent by tuning our bodies into it.
As the Real Physical isn´t bound by time and space at all, it is possible to physically turn into what India and its ancient culture is. Try it out - you may save an airplane ticket….

Healing Space - The Art of Touching
Intuitive Massage Training

Healing Space - The Art of Touching

This group is first about resting in physical awareness, and extending that beyond the boundaries of your own body. An open consciousness in you knows everything around you as yourself, and any contact, by just being together, is an invitation into merging. From such a base real touch can happen. Then we go into playfully exploring massage, not according to fixed techniques, but following the flow. What possibilities are there to stroke, squeeze, hold, caress, puncture, stretch an ear? Or a leg? The body, the other's and your own one, will tell you. Sensitivity, attention and care show you the way. The root of your hands are in your heart; when you're being in your heart, love flows out of your hands. Then you are healing, without even doing anything about it. A much greater flow than you starts pouring through your body.
We may later go beyond the conventional session situation and allow intuitive dancing, moving, chanting etc to happen. Also the roles of giver-receiver may dissolve at some point. The deepest vision is one healing space, in which every body drinks from and gives to every body, all being connected with each other and drawing from the same source.

being in the body for Kids:
A journey into the magic world of your body

being in the body for Kids

Whatever you do - playing, eating, talking, walking, sitting... - your body is always with you. How important the body is you may have noticed when you were sick and couldn't do anything. So it's good to come to know it a little better. How many movements can you do with your foot? How does your heart beat and your blood flow? You're breathing all the time, but did you ever pay attention to it?
We will explore our own body, let it romp around, stretch, bend, twist, whirl, roll and sense, walk around as a blind man, talk in deaf-and-dumb language, try to fly (will that work?), pull faces and play movement games. But we will also give us time to relax and be quiet, and will learn its secret language, which only those can understand who know how listen deep into the body!

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